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There are furnitures and art works made by the hands and passion of the artist / designers scattered in the spaces for our daily life and special occasions. We select with care, look into the details and textures, think of a layout to create a harmony between the objects for a completely unique space. We draw and color spaces like a painting, thinking of the passionate people and their precious moments. Our mission is to create the backgrounds of live moments with the touch of design.

matsubara mayumi

Mayumi Matsubara

president of IN CO.,LTD

Born in Osaka. Founded interior coordination office I IN CO.,LTD in 1997. Ever since its establishment, IN CO.,LTD has been coordinating and styling artworks and furniture, for both commercial spaces and private residence.

ibuki eri

Eri Ibuki

Interior & Furniture designer

After working in several interior design offices, and as an editor for an interior magazine, Ibuki joined IN CO.,LTD in 2002. Her distinct point of view as a female architect, she is known for her style to carefully include furniture, decoration, art with balance and sense.

sugiyama kaori

Kaori Sugiyama

Art coordinator

Sugiyama is known for her broad selection and proposals from modern to contemporary art, graphics, and decoration according to the environment given. With a goal to create new spaces with clients, architects and artists, she creates a connection over the different fields, leaving a collection that can last for generations.

okuda fumi

Misuzu Azuma

Interior & Art coordinator

Azuma wears two hats; as an able interior coordinator and artwork designer. True to her motto “The atmosphere first” she has been providing her customers spectacular and unique space designed based on the concept and plot up to the details.

okuda fumi

Kazutaka Tsutsui

Art coordinator

okuda fumi

Aya Okuda

Interior coordinator, Interior designer

Based on colors and textures, Okuda designs spaces with various styles combined. She is also known for her displays and designs executed in details.

okuda fumi

Tomoka Nakamura

interior coordinator, Furniture designer